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Zombie Momma

A little over 2 months and it’s Radley’s 2nd birthday + product finalization of my brand = Busy Mommy!

Those 2 are the major things I’ve been doing aside from my everyday chores and perfume biz, I’m a busybee!!! I hardly get enough sleep because of everything (I usually do my paper work at night when LO is sleeping) but I love to be hands-on! I feel smart doing paper works! Haha! :)

I’ll talk to you guys soon and will try to make a very interesting post since I’m not a good writer. Lol


Super excited to launch my own skincare! If you have instagram please follow and beautify with aphroditebeauty.ph thanks! 😘
See you all soon!

Super excited to launch my own skincare! If you have instagram please follow and beautify with aphroditebeauty.ph thanks! 😘
See you all soon!

Tingnan Mo

This morning after we had breakfast, Radley was exploring the folded massage table in our room, trying to balance, will lay down, sit, make it his stage and dance…

After few practices he came up to me and said, “tingnan mo” and he stepped in without any help! Wow! Radley can’t talk “fluently” yet but today he just surprised me!!!

There’s so many things he can do now and I need another post for that… Hihi! Super enjoying toddlerhood kahit nakakabaliw! LOL!

Saving Memories,
Angel ❤️

All Organic Lip Scrub

Lately I’ve been browsing through online shops selling organic lip scrubs for 400 pesos per 5g tub! Its pricey for me (spell kuripot!lol) because you can actually DIY!

This is my version of all-organic-lip-scrub!

You need a container to mix your lip scrub.
Organic sugar (white or brown)
Organic Rosehip Oil (you can use olive oil, coconut oil or any oils you have)
Organic Honey
Organic Aloe Vera Extract (1 drop)
Optional: peppermint essential oil
Optional: Flavor
Optional: Organic Colorant (just a tid bit, super tid bit)

Just mix all the ingredients above until paste. Just don’t put too much honey because it will feel sticky if you do. :)

You can use it right a way! Scrub scrub scrub! Rinse or wipe off and then moisturize with your fave lipbalm or organic oil of your choice. Your lips will feel smoother and more supple right after your first use. :)


Radley’s Potty Update

Radley finally peed on his potty today!!! Wohooo! Good job! We’re not even 100% on this but he knows already what to do. I’m so proud! :)

I guess explaining it to them like a broken record is effective and they’re the one who will initiate once they’re really ready to do it. No rushing. No stress! 😉

Next is pooping in the potty! I think this will be a bit difficult but I’m confident that Radley will eventually go to his potty to do the deed. Heeee! 😁

Enjoying motherhood and all the toddlerhood ❤️

Glücklich Momma,

PS. Radley saw the bidet and points at it, I asked him why? He just put his hands in his butt. Hahaha! Asked him if he pooped, he said yes and wants to wash… Hahaha! Super cute!!! But he didn’t poop. Pacute lang!Haha. Goodnight! :)

Potty Train Time?

Today Radley woke me up by pulling my hand while his other hand is holding his you know, haha! Anyway I was half awake and asked him to wait for a minute but he kept on pulling my hand, it took me a little later to realize that he wants to pee, when finally I stood up he peed! Great! Then gets his lampin to wipe it, ofcourse I didn’t let him do it, I finished all the cleaning and after awhile he went to our bathroom, guess he wants to shower already after all the peeing! Hahaha!

I don’t really potty “train” him and we’re not 100% about it yet but I always tell him that his potty is for peeing and pooping if he doesn’t have his diaper on, he should do the deed in his potty. Yes his potty is just in the corner, he sits to it and acts as if he is pooping, at least he knows what it is for. :) One step at a time!

Anyway here’s how his potty looks like, (photo from mr. google because I can’t take a decent pic of this one haha)

This is from safety first and we got this as a gift in his 1st bday. :) Radley looks comfy whenever he sits on it! sakly for his little buns :D

We got this first before the safety first when radley was about 3-4 months old, also as a gift! :) this one is super easy to put and take away, very simple and comfy!

Wanna know if your little one’s ready? Here are some guide/tips about potty training that you might want to read: 


watch: http://www.babycenter.com/2_potty-training-signs-your-child-is-ready_10385132.bc

Kids have different phase and timing, one may be ready at 18 months while others are not until they’re 22 months. So don’t stress yourself mommy, don’t over think and worry, as what the video said, stay positive! You can do it! :D


Current Toddler Obsession! ❤️
He can drive it up the hill, and I’m the one who gets tired. Haha! Its his daily thing now + Basketball and slides.

Current Toddler Obsession! ❤️
He can drive it up the hill, and I’m the one who gets tired. Haha! Its his daily thing now + Basketball and slides.

Bread Please?!

While having my massage at around 12mn, Radley woke up. Hubby is not around because I asked him to get chicken rice, haha! Anyway, Radley for the first time everrrr didn’t cry when I wasn’t there beside him at the bed, instead he owled at the room first and when he saw me at the massage table he just went off our bed and watch TV.

Moments later, he then grabbed the bread gave it to me followed by cheese whiz and a spoon. Ok, he’s hungry! Hahaha! He’s super cute… He asked me to get one slice of bread and put some cheese whiz in it too and he went on watching again, having his bread while waiting for me. (btw, we usually have food for midnight in our room incase someone’s hungry in the middle of the night so no one needs to go downstairs na)

I’m a proud mom!!! He’s independent at 1yr7mos Hihihi :) Saving memories in a post because I’m super forgetful since I gave birth. #CSproblem Lol!


Playground Day!

Fun fun day for our little man because its playground day! Super happy because all local schools have classes na, meaning NO KIDS IN THE PLAYGROUND!!! hahaha! Lets go Radley!

We didn’t bring car or bikes or scooter going to the clubhouse, THUMBS UP for Walking! We need to release tod’s energy so we let him walk. =)


up, up, up the hill! these two can’t wait to play the ball.. hihi :)


perfect day! perfect weather! :)


my boys going near the basketball court :D I love this photo!


and it began! 


proper posture, ready to shoot! 

After all the running and dribbling and shooting, we went to…. ten den den den PLAYGROUND! yey! super excited mommy too! lol! :)






watching an 8 yr old kid playing badminton with her yaya.

There are kids but very few, like 3-5 kids lang and they’re all way too big for Radley! He tried to approach them though but the kids has their own world and they can’t understand Radley yet so he watched them for a while and went back playing around. This is the first time we actually stayed long at the playground and glad we did because we all enjoyed!!! =)



Nut FREE Spinach Basil Pesto

This recipe is easy to make, you won’t even need your stove! You can find the ingredients in any supermarket near you! Measurements are provided so even first time cook can do it too, yey! So… Let’s start cookin’! :)

What we’ll need:

•Blender or Food Processor
• Spatula
4 cups spinach
2 cups basil
3 cloves garlic
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon black pepper (optional)
1/3 cup olive oil, plus 1 tablespoon
1 tablespoon Braggs Nutritional Yeast (optional)

I like to soak my spinach and basil first in water with rock salt to clean the leaves for about 20-30mins and rinse off with filtered water.


(L- Spinach, R- Basil - this is a small batch, 1/3 of the recipe.)


1.  Place spinach, basil, garlic, lemon juice, parmesan cheese, salt, and pepper in a food processor or blender. Turn on the machine and blend for 30 seconds. Slowly stream in the olive oil while the machine is running. Process until smooth.

OPTION: If you’ll store it in your fridge you can put the parmesan cheese after you thaw it before serving.

2.  Serve with pasta, bread, etc. You can also put grilled chicken cut into squares as a topping.

Storage: Store in a Jar or container in your fridge for up to 2 weeks. This pesto freezes well too.

3. ENJOY! =)


(this is how it looks like when its done.)

Though I wish there’s a photo of the plating I did for this because my toddler ate it just when I’m about to get my phone for a pic…  hahaha! =)

I love cooking and reinventing recipes! Hope you’ll love this too as much as we do. Let me know how it turns out and if you want more recipes from me! hihi! :D

Cooking Momma,